Friday, 15 August 2014

Vicky Beeching

This week, @VickyBeeching came out as gay, which was a surprise, but, if I am honest, my main reaction was to yawn.

That is not to dismiss the courage it took, or the significance of this for Vicky. It is simply because I have no interest in her sexuality. It doesn't bother me, it doesn't interest me, her sexuality does not impact on me in the slightest. There are only two situations where a persons sexuality is of concern to me:

1. If I or my children are dating them. Given that I am married and expecting to stay that way, and my children are old enough to make their own decisions, that does not seem a likely situation.

2. If I am offering counseling or similar, and your sexuality is an issue for you.

Outside of these, it is not something I need to be concerned about. Lets be clear, nobody comes out as being heterosexual. Or liking anal sex, or being tied to the bed. You sexual attractions, likes and dislikes are your business.

The point is that what Vicky says, does, talks about is exactly the same now as last week. She is intelligent, confident and capable. I am not a great fan of her songs, but that is a musical difference. I am a fan of her speaking out for oppressed women and exploring faith and technology.

To anyone who decides not to use her songs anymore - an I have absolutely no doubt there will be many groups who will make that decisions - remember that she was a lesbian when she wrote those songs, that you enjoyed in past weeks. Those songs that you said helped you to engage with God - she was a lesbian when she wrote them, and when you sang them. Vicky has not changed.

I am sick of this obsession with sexuality in some parts of the church. Vicky is not the only one. I applaud her courage in coming out, but I despair at the fact that it takes courage. Vicky - in truth, nobody who matters cares about your sexuality. You are still the same wonderful person you always were.

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